Friday, March 03, 2006

Few, Far, And in Between

Oh yes. This is how it's going to be while I'm out here. Do to the fact that trying to get on a computer at the internet place takes almost 1 1/2 to 2 hours and lets not forget the office computer. There is only one computer for about 30 people to get on and check their e-mails and what not. I had purchased a thumb drive so I could type my blog on my computer and then just upload it on here but it has seemed to have disappeared (sticky fingers McGee).

I just figured I'd stop by and let everyone know I have made it back to the sand box. I know all your prayers and wishes are here for me and I thank you for them. If youd like to contact me the e-mail is . And to my loving wife I love you and miss you.





Sean from DocintheBox said...

Hey Josh, glad to hear that you're doing alright, internet sucks where you're at? Stay safe and perhaps see ya when I get out there.

~K said...

Joshua, I am glad to see you post. I have been worried bout ya. Take care, and know if you need ANYTHING you can ask OK?
That goes for your wife also if she needs anything I will help, if I can't do it I can always find a way.
Take care Joshua.

proud fan said...

Just stopped in to say hi and good luck!

Mr. Crochet said...

Great Blog, shipmate. We're praying for all y'all in the sandbox. Take care of my Devil Dogs, and get yourself home safe!

proudmm said...

Joshua - congratulations are in order on not only your promotion to HM2 but also your awarding of the FMF pin. Now as a Marine Mom I know the significance of the Fleet Marine Force pin and the dedication that you have shown to study (a lot), go thru an extreme testing process, and still be doing your job to keep our Marines alive and well in a combat zone. So a big OORAH to you. You've made your Warhorses proud.

Proudmm of a Warhorse

proudmm said...

For those that haven't caught it - he has posted some recent pics that explain the reason for my last post. What he has accomplished is not a small task stateside but to accomplish this in a combat zone is well beyond words. So job well done Doc - wear that FMF pin and HM2 chevron proudly.

Proudmm of a Warhorse