Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Two Cents...

Here I go again. I tried to sit back and not get all revved up by what's going on in the rear. But when this is the only thing that ever covers the news what do you expect. So here it is. My opinion!

Every president that is elected will be liked by some and disliked by others. Had Kerry been elected, then the supporters of Bush would have felt the way the Kerry supporters feel now. It happens every 4 years when elections come around, so whats new?

In Vietnam, there was very little support for our troops. From what my dad has told me, they came home and people said some mean stuff and did some really awful stuff. Now, it seems that everyday you hear about people supporting the troops, but not supporting the Government. People need to realize that we as a COUNTRY are at war and that we need to stick together and not go around pointing fingers every chance we get. I mean, we have people like Cindy Sheehan. She wanted to meet with the President because her son died at war? No offense, but does she forget what happens in war? We don't drop crayon bombs and throw lipstick at each other unfortunately like she may think. When her son enlisted, he knew what he was doing, so she needs to rethink things. God forbid I die. I hope my parents and family understand that I chose this as my life and as a result of making this adult decision I take on all consiquences of that decision. I for one, am thankful for each and every one of my brother and sister in arms that has joined our armed forces to serve this country. Without their service and dedication America would not be what it is today. It's sad when a soldier loses their life, but they gave it fighting for our freedom. I for one would not want to pull out of here now knowing that all those people had died in vain for us to just give up. We owe these Iraqi people. We came over and tore down their government, houses, and farms. We at least owe it to them to help rebuild.

So this is my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.

I have some question for Mrs. Sheehan. Why didn't you protest the war before the death of your son? Could it be because your son would have disowned you like your husband did?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Quote of the day...

"Before you criticize someone you, should walk a mile in their shoes.
That way, when you do criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."


I am in charge of putting a quote of the day on our board outside our medical space. So as I was parusing the millions of quotes out there I ran across this one. It just struck me funny. I also found another one that I was gonna put up for tomorrow, but I don't think it will fly. I just thought a little medical humor would be nice. Then my LT saw it and said there was no way we could put it on the board.

"This morning I took two exlax and one prozac.
I've been shitting my brains out all day, but damn I'm in a good mood."


I used to write stuff by Plato, Socrates, Nitchze, and Shakespeare. Then someone complained about them getting too philisophical for most to understand. So if anyone has a place to get dainty, cute, short, unimaginintive, and to the point, cause god forbid we use that lump three feet above our ass, I would be very thankful.

On to other things. I got to go over the wire the other day. We flew MRE's and water to another one of our forward operating base's. I also got to shoot the .50 cal again. This time the trigger wasn't as touchy. It was really wierd. Then we flew along the roadsides looking for anything that might be used as IED's. Abandoned cars and things that looked like they were out of place. All in all a pretty uneventful day. Just delivering of supplies and cruising the deserts. I only got a couple of pics from the flight because I forgot to replace the batteries in my camera. As soon as my crew chief returns my camera that I left in his bag I will get those posted.

Last night was awesome. It's those little moments that remove you from the reality, and take you to that happy place in the back of our minds that makes the time spent out here soemwhat bearable. Last nigh felt like we were back home sitting on the porch and having a real barbecue. ( That don't look like I spelled it correctly) My roommatesand I found out the PX was selling T-Bones, so we had to go get some. I'm telling you these things were huge and definitley worth the $12.00 we each spent. None of them were less than 1.5 lbs. or 1 in thick. Not to mention there was almost no fat anywhere on the entire slab of thia all american USDA grade A. The only thing we could complain about was the lack of a hops and barley product we so knowingly call beer!!! HHMMMM (Drooling) BEEEERRR!!!! Normally, if I were in the rear, I would eat my steak still mooing, but since I'm out here I decided to make sure that it was at least a little cooked on the inside. I was telling my LT all about it this morning and he told me he heard some of the medical officers complaining about the meat because they were afraid that everyone would get sick cause they didn't cook them correctly and they want to ban the PX from selling it. I understand their concerns. I do, but the PX has a piece of paper you can read about the proper handling of meat products. Just be sure that anyone that buys the meat also get this little piece of paper. It fully explains all the hazards of not preparing the meat correctly. This way they cover their ass, and if someone does get sick cause they didn't cook it right thats their problem. So I hope they don't ban this. So this is my post for the day. It may be a couple of days before I can post again. TTFN!! LOL


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Busy Times in the Sand Pit...

It's been busy around here. I've been brought back over to day crew. It was fun while it lasted, but I was starting to go nuts all by myself. So I see that no one has been able to guess the singer. How about some more hints? He was the only entertainer to be elected to both the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame. In the 1970's he ran in the Republican primary for U.S. Senator in Tennessee, but lost. He was often referred to as "America's most beloved cowboy." His son was a famous actor, who just passed away last year. This should be plenty for ya'll. You now have the next 30 - 40 secs of reading the rest of my blog if you really want to know the answer.

On to other things. It seems just like yesterday that we were sending the main body of the last squadron home. Now here we are with advanced party of the next squadron getting ready to arriev. I Just keep thinking I should be home very, very soon!!! Since the Advanced party will be arriving shortly this means more time to skate off and do... That's right there's nothing to do out here!!! Even though they just built this brand new MWR center down by the coffee shop. It was open for the one night which was supposed tobe the grand opening, but when I went to return the next day the doors were locked and the lights are off. They had brand new pool tables, ping pong, poker, and foosball in one room. They had a library and internet cafe thing in another room. Last but not least they had the game center for PS2 and Xbox stuff. This place would have been so much more bearable if they had this open 6 months ago. Since they have not opened it back up then it looks like it will be sleeping in late and taking off early. That just means there will be more time to go to the gym! I have to keep my round figure. No need for it to expand into an oval. LOL. Not really! So since being out here I have collected over 1,200 pics and some where around 300 movie clips. All of various things from flying to people just sitting around in their shops. I hopetoget them posted on my pics page,but they only allow me to upload 20 mb of pics per month. Don't hold your breathe for this might take some time to get those posted.

So here it is. The answer ya'll have been waiting for......

Tex Ritter! Some of might actually know who this man is, for those of you who don't. I'm very, very sorry for the deprived chldhood you have lived. J/K .

I have to do this! I have acouple of people I read on a daily basis, and would love for any of you who read my blog, please take a minute or two to go by and check out these out.

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I think this blog has gone on long enough so now I will kill it for the day. I'll try to stay up on my posts though.