Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Busy Times in the Sand Pit...

It's been busy around here. I've been brought back over to day crew. It was fun while it lasted, but I was starting to go nuts all by myself. So I see that no one has been able to guess the singer. How about some more hints? He was the only entertainer to be elected to both the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame. In the 1970's he ran in the Republican primary for U.S. Senator in Tennessee, but lost. He was often referred to as "America's most beloved cowboy." His son was a famous actor, who just passed away last year. This should be plenty for ya'll. You now have the next 30 - 40 secs of reading the rest of my blog if you really want to know the answer.

On to other things. It seems just like yesterday that we were sending the main body of the last squadron home. Now here we are with advanced party of the next squadron getting ready to arriev. I Just keep thinking I should be home very, very soon!!! Since the Advanced party will be arriving shortly this means more time to skate off and do... That's right there's nothing to do out here!!! Even though they just built this brand new MWR center down by the coffee shop. It was open for the one night which was supposed tobe the grand opening, but when I went to return the next day the doors were locked and the lights are off. They had brand new pool tables, ping pong, poker, and foosball in one room. They had a library and internet cafe thing in another room. Last but not least they had the game center for PS2 and Xbox stuff. This place would have been so much more bearable if they had this open 6 months ago. Since they have not opened it back up then it looks like it will be sleeping in late and taking off early. That just means there will be more time to go to the gym! I have to keep my round figure. No need for it to expand into an oval. LOL. Not really! So since being out here I have collected over 1,200 pics and some where around 300 movie clips. All of various things from flying to people just sitting around in their shops. I hopetoget them posted on my pics page,but they only allow me to upload 20 mb of pics per month. Don't hold your breathe for this might take some time to get those posted.

So here it is. The answer ya'll have been waiting for......

Tex Ritter! Some of might actually know who this man is, for those of you who don't. I'm very, very sorry for the deprived chldhood you have lived. J/K .

I have to do this! I have acouple of people I read on a daily basis, and would love for any of you who read my blog, please take a minute or two to go by and check out these out.

First off is ~M She's just a southern gal with too much love to keep to herself. Not only does she put her opinions and feelings out there, but she also throws out some great recipes and quick fix ideas. She has a whole story on herself. Just head over to site and check it out. Oh yeah she isthe official President and member of the "One Letter Blogger Club"

As for the blogger formerly known as MOM. She has changed her blog title and joined the "One letter Club". She is officially known as ~K now. She just a mom trying to raise a handful of kids and a great supporter of what we are doing over here in Iraq. Not to mention she's probably my most frequent visitor!! :) Thank You!

The next two have links on my side bar.

Military Blogs- A bunch of blogs by other members of the service that are deployed or have been deployed. Just going on about our daily lives, but there are many good reads there.

Colorado Blogs- A group of people from the greatest state inthe U.S.

I think this blog has gone on long enough so now I will kill it for the day. I'll try to stay up on my posts though.



Snow said...

Greetings! I just came across your blog via the Military Webring.

My brother did two tours of duty in Iraq as a Navy corpsman, working with the Marines. He saw combat and was forced to use his weapon on a number of occassions.

I'm also from Colorad; the grandest state, IMO. *grin*

Take Care, Donna

~K said...

You have posted..YEAH!!!
Tex Ritter, dang should have known that. Wait till I tell my Dad. He asked me twice

Glad you got back to day crew. People is always a good thing. (Well not always) I work 6:30am till when ever they feel like letting me out. Hope you have better hours then me.

indi said...

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Christine said...

Thanks for all you do!! Obviously raised properly--in the most wonderful place on earth. I am a Colorado girl. Moved to SC following the hubby's job. Luckily that job will put all the kids through college. I am a stay at home mom of three who knows that without you my children would not grow up in a free nation. Thank you.
Just found your blog...wanted to thank you.