Sunday, May 15, 2005

The almost perfect morning.

So there I was, 0445 in the mornig. Already hit the snooze 3 times, so now the alarm won't go off anymore. Thinking to myself "I really don't need to get up this early. I already took a shower before bed and can brush my teeth at the shop. Go ahead sleep for another hour." First mistake of the morning yet it felt so good. Finally leave the barracks somewhere round 0615 to ride my bike to work. Beautiful morning! No wind, Not hot yet, and have brand new batteries for the MP3 player. Couldn't get much better. That's for sure!

My normal route to work is up the taxi-way right behind the squadron. No more than a 20 min ride uphill. As I reach the bottom of the hill getting ready to go up the taxi-way. I hear a very distinct sound even though I have Static-X blaring away on the head phones. "THUMP" THUMP" Kind of hollow. For those of you over or that have been over here. We all know whats about to happen. A couple of rockets have just been launched. So I start to peddle faster and look around to see if anything has landed yet. About 20 ft ahead of me I see 2 of my marines looking and running also, and out of the corner of my eye I see an explosion. The rocket landed no more than 50 yrds from where we were. I jumped off my bike and hit the deck. Thank god for the HESCO barriers, or we might have been swiss cheese! Laying there for what felt like forever I then jumped back on my Bike and headed for the squadron. No one was injured by any of this mornings rocket attacks. There was some structure damage to a couple things, but nothing serious. Other than that little piece of excitement it continues to be groundhog day all over again.


Sean from DocintheBox said...

When you hear a boom and you're outside, first thing to do is duck and wait for the booming to stop! Glad you weren't hurt, stay safe for I don't want to have to go take your spot.

Soldier Grrrl said...

I love the part about it being groundhog day. I've thought about that.

BTW, thanks for the advice about PRK over LASIK. I'm going to talk the docs when I get home and find out which would be better for my eyes.

In the Army, both are waiverable.