Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Transition to Night Shift

So I have been brought over to the darkside now. Nightcrew!!! It's not that bad though. Gives me more time to study for my warfare and get things done that I haven't been able to do on days. Not to mention that I have no one else here with me so that saves the hassle of tripping over someone else in this small ass office! I tried to stay up all night last night so I could sleep all day today, but Mountain Dew and James Bond couldn't even accomplish that. So somewhere around 0445 this morning I fell into a comatose state after coming down off the caffiene/sugar high. But not before I got to talk to the greatest woman in the world! I Love You Brikkie!

Enough of that though. I also got to go flying for the first time the other day. Beats a day sitting around the medical spaces. I had a lot of fun. The crew chief let me test fire one of the 50 cals. Big difference from shooting off the side of the ship. It seems like all we did was fly military dogs around though. Every time we landed they were bringing more dogs onboard. I want a pet out here!! The only problem is if THEY catch you. THEY take the dogs and we all know what happens... If you don't then just keep thinking happy thoughts. :) It turned out to be a very long day though. We were told when we first took off that one of our stops was cancelled, so we spent the extra time on a couple of our stops just fooling around. But as we had just finished refueling we were informed that it was back on so we had another 2 hours of flying, and we were already over for the day. So anyway I got a couple of pics from the whole thing.

The first pic is of me test firing the 50 cal, and the other is me being the rear fire watch at the fuel pits. It is hot as hell standing right behind the exhaust. Not only is it 100+ outside but then you have the heat from the engine too. No wonder the new guy gets this position. Hey!! How come this position isn't in the syllabus?

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