Sunday, July 10, 2005

I don't believe, but...

It has to be a Karma thing. I don't really like to say bad things about people, but there is only so much you can sit by and watch silently before the Mr. Obvious is provoked. For the last two days I've been preoccupied by something else. Here's what happened. The next night after writing my previous blog about certain people. I was on my way into work and rolled my ankle. Now this wasn't one of those "I stepped off the curb wrong" or "I stepped on a rock and got off balanced". I was running for the bus and just rolled my ankle. No pot hole. No rocks. No uneven ground!!! I just rolled it. 2nd degree sprain. Though from the popping and tearing I thought I felt made me think otherwise.

The first person I see as I get to the squadron building is the CO. This is not gonna be good. So I try as much as possible to not let him notice I'm in pain. Have you ever realized how obvious you make things when you try to hide them? My best bet would have been to just stand in one place and look at the sky until he passed. Nope I couldn't do that; I had to get to work! Don't get me wrong. My CO is an awesome guy, but he just has this habit of starting a story about Cambodia everytime you talk to him. I enjoy these moments of history, but right now all I want to do is get inside and put some ice on it. Anyway, moving on.

I'm now in the office and I take my boot off to see what the damage is and in walks the LT. Not really looking to see him either. C'mon I'm a corpsman. I know what the hell to look for in this type of injury and especially know how to treat myself. Needless to say he wanted to poke and prod at it. Here come those fun parts when the medical professional pokes, pulls, prods, and twists while asking if this causes any kind of discomfort. OHHHH NOOO! I just figured I'd work on my chair dancing, technique considering I might not be able to dance out on the floor at country night!!! Yes it hurts, and your going to find out how bad if you don't stop! That's it. I spent the rest of the night on ice and good old vitamin "M".

One good thing did happen that day though. I ordered an external hard drive from an a certain online place. It has taken four weeks to get here. I know of guys who's wife sent something out last Thursday and it got here the following Fri, but the mail system is a different rant. It's finally here though. 200 Gig. Oh, this has to be that karma thing too. I have been asking the people at the PX when they expected to get some more externals in, and all I kept getting is "next week". I take it this is the only English phrase these people have even bothered to learn? Anyway, now that I had given up and bought one online what do you think I walked in and saw on the wall in the PX. 250 Gig for the same price I paid for my 200. Talk about kick in the nuts!

That's about it for my last couple days of personal hell. It's past the halfway point, but it still feels like it's uphill. For MOM , E-5 is the equivalent of SGT, or HM2 in my case. By the way, Darryl Worley's "Have you forgotten?", is exactly how it feels some days. This has sparked something for one of my upcoming blogs.

For any one else that gets the chance. Visit her blog. In her own words she says, "I Am a Proud American. I Support Our Troops. I have opinions and thoughts I like to share. I like to try to see a situation from all sides but I let my emotions get the better of me sometimes." I thank her and everyone else like her, who are behind what we're doing over here. Day in and day out. THANK YOU!



Mom said...

thank you Joshua. FOR EVERTHING!
I also will send lots of prayers your way to stop this Karma roll you seem to be on.
I hope your ankle feels better.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Hah! Told you it's always bad to talk about people unless you're saying it directly to their face. Stop being a clutz! Congrats on the external, bout time.

M* said...

Hope your ankle gets to feeling better soon.. I am a proud member of rolling my ankle just for the heck of it too.. ;) There need not be any pot holes or anything of that kind..

Danny Fudge said...

Good post - especially on this Tuesday the 12th - the 200th Week to the day since the war started.