Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Halfway Point

This started out as a different post a couple days ago, but nothing ever came from it. We've finally hit that halfway point in the deployment. You would think this would be a high point in the deployment but all I can really focus on is the three more months of working for a bunch of "tool pouches"! This is not to say that everyone I work alongside with are a bunch of idiots just some of those in the leader ship positions. One in particular. Ther other one just follows. Let me illuminate on this subject.

I HATE BUSY WORK!! I don't see the point in doing something just to make time pass. I have a million other things I would much rather be doing. Studying for the E-5 exam, going to the gym, keeping up PR with my Marines, or just reading a book. I don't see the point in moving a bunch of shit outside just so we can move it back inside the next week. How aboutthis one? Clean out a storage space that belongs to some other department cause they aren't using it. This way we can move half of the stuff into that storage space. Now this becomes a space that we must maintain and keep clean. Now all of our supplies and stuff are spread out over two spaces rather than one. I think all the staff NCO's are playing their own little version of the game "RISK". Each night they go back to the barracks and they challenge each other with the roll of a Di. I don't see how we keep winning though. We are the smallest department! How do our strike points equal that of a department of 30? I have to cut this short but I'm sure there will be more to bitch about tomorrow.




Sean from DocintheBox said...

keep pumping away, not much longer to go, I'll be hitched by the time you get back!

Mom said...

E-5 thats a SGT right?